Painting on porcelain

Painting on porcelain La maison des secrets

It’s not pottery, it’s painting on porcelain,coming from Limoges, and my studio is in Vaucluse, near the Mont Ventoux.

Decoration or painting on porcelain is the last step of work for porcelain pieces after firing the raw clay and enamelling. At La maison des secrets, we do not practice pottery but painting on porcelain on enamel according to the techniques of Limoges.

Artisan and technician in the world of ceramics, it is however essential for me to share on the entire chain that represents porcelain. I chose the decoration (or painting) on ​​porcelain, a different technique from the work of the clay, which I practice as an amateur.

I understand this material that I paint and I want to share that too : from clay to a piece of porcelain, the use of the color composed of metal oxides working on a porcelain form which, in the end, remains clay coming from the earth.

Some white
and colors

Thanks to the many facets that porcelain painting offers, I propose personalized or group lessons, painted pieces, objects for an event, personalized support for a moment in life such as a wedding, bachelorette party, a birthday, but also the moments of corporate life in a company…. I paint and I like to co-construct their projects with people. La maison des secrets is above all a space for everyone to create, allow themselves moments of color, creations whatever their manual “habits and skills”.

Beyond the technical aspect, porcelain
and paints are great tools for :

Authorize yourself manual activity and a dive into your imagination

calm down or even meditate

Observe and control your gestures

Have fun with materials, colors and white

Retreat into your cocoon

Feel good every day

Harmonize a place, have a time of day “different” thanks to
the object