Painting on porcelain lessons

Painting on porcelain for one’s way

Each step in a moment of painting conveys a message and allows us a multitude of revelations: rational reflexion to prepare the object before painting, patience, right to be mistaken, poetry, sense of detail, attention. This path fascinates me and I like to share with people beyond a simple “construction of pieces” via porcelain painting courses. White and colors are among the elements that surprise me the most in what I paint every day, they are soothing and doing much good.

During the time of a workshop, an internship, I accompany during the lessons in the painting of the porcelain piece according to the desire of the person, his or her dreams and moments of life: wedding, bachelorette party, birthday, mourning, baptism…

Painting on porcelain to (re)-write the history of objects

A service, a dish, white porcelain coffee cups that have had a first life ? We all have an object with their family history at home or elsewhere. Thanks to maison des secrets, you can give them a second life, to give you the opportunity to transform them yourself. Come with your object or give yourself a good excuse to hunt around and make antiquing ! An object can be diverted, embellished, transformed. A porcelain painting course is a great way to “upcycling”.

You can create your pieces, we can create them together, I can create them for you.


Course offers:

The fool :

Course in 1h30 to get to know the brushes, make your porcelain magnet in Bédoin.

The moon :

Punctual course of 3 hours, leave with your piece customized by you: cup, tile…in Bedoin or Pertuis.

The sun :

For the addicts, a lesson on porcelain on a regular basis, at your own pace in Bedoin or Pertuis.

The empress :

2 full days in Provence to relax with painting and porcelain.

You will find the different prices on the schedule. 10% discount for the 2nd member of the family is applicable with the family code on the workshops.

The star

want a personalized session ? a creation for your marriage ?
I accompany you at your home or at my home with you.
If you want to contact me, it’s here :

Equipment and raw materials

Painting on porcelain requires equipment and raw materials included in the courses and workshops :

The raw material : porcelain

La maison des secrets favors Limoges porcelain in order to offer quality pieces “made in France” and with a will to respect the work of the clay.

Some tools

Knives, brushes, sponges, feathers, rulers, pencils, pliers…


based on metal oxides


Medium, oily essence, turpentine
reserve varnish, alcohol…

A oven

For firing colors
between 740°C and 860°C even 1280°C
for a glazure

Some fun !

Because desire and pleasure
are our main driving forces !

White porcelain pieces are included for the Fool, the Moon and the Empress workshops.
The house of secrets offers white pieces for sale.
You can bring your own white objects if you want to personalize them.