Presentation of La maison des secrets

I grew up in Africa and Asia, continents from which I have kept the carefree attitude and a taste for calm, finesse, a way of getting out of time and having your own space.

A childhood with art: a dad a fan of classical music, the piano, exhibitions, porcelain painting in adolescence.

A master’s degree in history.

A business school specialised in travel and tourism, the ESCAET.

A career in the travel and training sector: 10 years coordinating, supporting, transmitting, building expertise from technology to sustainable development, including publishing.

Support for students, project leaders, companies from multinationals to SMEs/SMIs.

My sweetheart offers me porcelain painting materials for my birthday and strongly encourages me to get back to it.

A violent failure in the takeover of a family association which, like fireworks, brings out (re)different desires and reinforces the return to the heart of the transmission in my functioning. I feel the urge to continue to transmit but something else with other means, starting with my hands, tools that seemed essential.

The idea of ​​a project around painting on porcelain was born. A universe where everything seems achievable by manual work, of your heart’s desire, all made possible by reflection and intuition.

A training in Limoges at AFPI Limousin – Ecole des métiers d’art where a world opens up, where I discover an unsuspected desire to share know-how and techniques offering a myriad of possibilities.

White becomes my daily color. Its coldness and the color applied to it represent for me softness and strength. I see it more and more as a great tool to accompany in certain moments of life, of passage where the need is simple: to refocus, calm, rediscovery with one’s patience and attention to things, an invisible dialogue.

I currently paint in Bédoin at the foot of Mont Ventoux. I offer courses and workshops in Bédoin and Pertuis.

La maison des secrets is now part of Epat&Vous in Pertuis andVentoux Métiers d’Art.